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MetCast Services Won Business Awards:

MetCast Services Ltd is proud to announce that it has won two categories in the 2013 Westpac South Auckland Business Awards. 

  • RSM Prince Excellence in Strategy and Planning
  • Invesure Small Business of the Year




 Small Business of the Year Award                                                                                                 Excellence in Strategy & Planning

New Product:

Triple action spray gun now in stock


Metcast Services Diversifies:

MetCast management have decided to expand our business by diversifying into providing ingredients into the New Zealand Food Manufacturing Industries.  To help facilitate this we have employed a graduate qualified in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Ann Widanapathirana.
New Zealand produces enough food to feed 80 million people; that’s 20 times our population !!  Consequently the value added export focussed food business is sure to continue to go from strength to strength.  We want to actively participate in that value chain.

We are now actively seeking agencies for companies producing high quality food ingredients.  To partner with us you will need to have a competitive advantage and be prepared to back your products up with great innovative service.  Please contact Ann at  [email protected]

Our Molten Metal industry customers can be sure that we’re committed to looking after them.  We plan to continue to grow our Metals business through value adding products and services.

CTNZ Annual Foundry Conference "Cast Differently"

16th - 18th August 2013



MetCast Services Ltd is proud to anounce that we are now the New Zealand agents for Synchro 32

Synchro is completely dedicated to and specializes in the Cast Metal Industry. Synchro ERP a specific software ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed to meet the unique and exclusive requirements for each of the sub manufacturer’s within the sector:

Iron Foundry ERP Software
Steel Sand Foundry ERP Software
Centrifugal Casters ERP Software
Aluminum Sand Foundry (Aluminium) ERP Software
Diecasting (Pressure Diecaster) ERP Software
Gravity Diecasting (Permanent Molder) ERP Software
Precision Moulder (Precision Molder) ERP Software
Investment Casting ERP Software
Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting ERP Software

A fully integrated system which facilitates extensive control of your business. Our software offers depth and breadth of function with a wide range of flexible facilities designed to meet the unique requirements of your company.