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  1. CMS Stop Coat

    CMS Stop Coat

    A light reddish-brown water based ceramic coating used for the prevention of carburisation or decarburisation of steel during the Heat Treatment process. It can be used with or without atmospheres, with pack hardening or carburising materials.

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  2. Core Lifters
  3. Iron Cement

    Iron Cement

    DESCRIPTION :                                      

    IRON CEMENT is an air-setting material designed as a “cosmetic repair compound” for surface defects in ferrous castings. It is supplied in a dry powder form for mixing with appropriate amount of water to a suitable paste-like consistency.


    Setting Mechanism         : Air-setting
    Physical Form                 : Dry Powder
    Colour                             : Grey   
    Diluent For Mixing           : Water

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  4. Mudding Compound

    Mudding Compound


    A grey-black water based refractory sealing compound designed for general repairs to foundry cores and moulds.

    CMS MUDDING COMPOUND contains high purity graphite. It is supplied in a ready-to-use paste form, with excellent filling and sleeking properties suitable for all organic and inorganic bonded sands.


    Colour                  : Grey-black
    Physical Form      : Thick paste
    Specific Gravity    : 1.50 - 1.70 Kg / Ltr

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  5. Nylon Core Vents

    Nylon Core Vents

    Available in a range of sizes.

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  6. Plate Vibrator

    Plate Vibrator

    The Cleveland Vibrator Co. LA Series of pneumatic industrial vibrators are designed specifically for optimizing match-plate operations, improving quality and reducing cost in the Foundry.
    DURABLE - one-piece, ductile iron housing and spring-less design ensure long effective life and minimal down time.
    VERSATILE - range of vibration intensities and swiveling air intake ensure a good fit for your specific match-plate operation
    EASY - comes with mounting fasteners for quick set-up

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  7. Plumbago



    A crystalline or flake form of naturally occurring Graphite, often called Plumbago.

    PLUMBAGO is a lustrous grey-black powder. It contains a high purity graphitic carbon which has a hexagonal crystallographic structure.


    Physical Form:      Flake or crystalline powder
    Colour :                   Grey-black
    Feel:                        Sleeky, greasy
    Specific Gravity:     2.3
    Carbon content:    85 - 90%
    Ash content:           <12%
    Moisture & Volatiles: <1.5%
    Sizing                : + 150 BSS = 1% Max
                                 + 200 BSS = 9% Max
                                  - 200 BSS = >90%

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  8. Sieves - Wooden

    Sieves - Wooden

    Wooden rimmed sieves available in a range of mesh sizes.

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  9. Viscosity Cup

    Viscosity Cup

     Nylon Ford 4 viscosity cup.

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