Graphdip S

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CMS GRAPHDIP S is supplied in a ‘ready-to-use’ form for application by dipping method in high production, repetitive work. However, If required, it can be used by other application methods such as spraying, brushing and swabbing to provide good results.

CMS GRAPHDIP S is recommended for coating of cores made from all chemical sands that are used for light to medium section irons and non-ferrous metals to provide excellent casting surface finish. It minimises and, in most cases eliminates, surface defects such as ‘burn-in’ and ‘veining’ to ensure excellent as-cast surface-finish and greatly reduced cleaning costs.

After application the coated surfaces are allowed to air-dry or ignited to produce a dry, hard coating film. For most castings, a single coating layer will produce desired surface finish. A second coating layer, if required, should be applied after the first layer is sufficiently cooled to avoid any layer separation.

The dried coating surface is hard yet smooth and even, without “tear marks’. However, controlled application practice is essential.

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