Graphcoat S Spray

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A grey-black Solvent Based Graphitic coating for foundry cores and moulds.

CMS GRAPHCOAT  S-Spray is formulated using a high purity crystalline graphite and supplied in a pre-diluted, ready-to-use form.




1.    Pre-diluted. Simply stir the contents of drum to a homogeneous slurry
    and the coating is ready to use by Spray or Dip applications.
2.    Efficient penetration and coverage to provide maximum protection.
3.    Produces a hard, silky coating finish that results in smooth as-cast
    surfaces thereby reducing cleaning costs.


CMS GRAPHCOAT S-SPRAY is supplied in a pre-diluted form for Spray or Dip application. Thoroughly mix the coating to a homogeneous slurry and it is ready for use by spraying or dipping. Most spraying methods can be adopted, however, an air-less spray application will produce best results. NB: Constant slow agitation during spraying is necessary to keep the refractory powders in suspension.

CMS GRAPHCOAT S-SPRAY is recommended for coating moulds and cores for light to medium section grey irons and non-ferrous metal castings.

CMS GRAPHCOAT S-SPRAY is suitable for all types of chemically bonded cores and moulds and can also be used on Greensands.
After application the coated surfaces are allowed to air-dry or ignited to produce a dry, hard coating film. A second coating, if required, should be applied after the first layer is sufficiently cooled to avoid any layer separation.

CMS GRAPHCOAT S-SPRAY is particularly suitable for dip applications for Shell and Hot-box cores. However, when dipping hot cores, soon after ejection for the core machine, the coating may require some dilution with methylated spirits or IPA-isopropanol. The degree of dilution for this will depend on the temperature of cores prior to dipping.

For Greensand, only one coat application is required. Moulds should not be left overnight as the dried coating layer may suffer form moisture strike-back.

For foundry customers who prefer to do their own dilutions to suit different applications within their foundry, eg. brushing, spraying, dipping etc.


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