CMS Zircoat W

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CMS ZIRCOAT W is supplied in a ‘ready-to-use’ form for application by brush. However, it is readily dilutable with water to suit applications by other methods such as spraying, dipping and swabbing.  Suitable mechanical agitation is essential to ensure a homogeneous coating slurry.

CMS ZIRCOAT W is recommended for coating moulds and cores for a wide range of castings including steel, high duty irons and non-ferrous metals, phosphor/ leaded bronzes and gunmetals.

CMS ZIRCOAT W is highly recommended for application to no-bake furane cores and moulds of all sizes, however, it will prove equally successful with other binder systems such as alkyds, phenolics, silicates, shell, hot-box etc.

For small castings, a single coating layer will produce the desired surface finish 
and multiple coating layers can be applied to heavy jobs without layer separation.

The coated surfaces must be allowed to thoroughly air dry before casting.
Torching or oven drying can be used to accelerate the drying process.

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