CMS Sodasil G

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CMS SODASIL G is recommended for the production of foundry cores and moulds by the CO2 Process. It does not require any other liquid hardener or catalyst during sand mixing as hardening of the mixed sand is accomplished by passage of Carbon Dioxide gas.

Addition rate required is generally in the range of 2.5% to 4.5% by weight of sand dependent on type and fineness of the sand used, metal type and casting size. Taking these variables into account determine the optimum binder addition level to achieve better economy and post casting break-down properties.

Mixed sand produced using CMS SODASIL G has excellent flowability and can easily be blown or hand rammed into boxes.

CMS SODASIL G has a rapid gassing rate to provide high productivity with cost saving through low gas consumption.

Determine optimum gassing time for any given job to give just sufficient ‘as-gassed’ strength required for initial handling. This will ensure higher strength development on standing. ‘Over gassing’ should be avoided and substantial savings in gas consumption can be achieved with careful selection of a suitable gassing technique and venting practice.

CMS SODASIL G provides exceptionally long mixed Bench Life especially if the moisture loss through exposure to atmosphere is minimised by keeping mixed sand covered with damp sacks or plastic sheets.

Apart from low material costs and capital expenditure, the absence of objectionable fumes during moulding, core making and casting makes Silicate/CO2 process as the most ‘environmentally safe’ binder process and popular with foundry personnel.

CMS SODASIL G cores and moulds should be coated with a suitable solvent based refractory coating. Water based coating may be used but it must be thoroughly dried before casting.


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