CMS Silstrip B

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CMS SILSTRIP B is recommended as a release agent for the production of all types of Shell cores/moulds and Hot-Box cores. It is supplied in a concentrated form requiring dilution with clean tap water prior to application.

Dilution with water is easy and can be carried out in the spray pot for an individual machine or in a central spray tank feeding to several machines. Dilution at the rate of 1 part product to 30 - 50 parts of water is recommended. However, further dilution may be possible for some applications.

CMS SILSTRIP B can be applied by brushing, however, it is best suited to application by spraying. Airless spray applicator is recommended
(20-50 Bar). Alternatively air assisted spray guns can also be used.

The following guidelines must be adhered to achieve optimum performance :

1.     Maintain the product at room temperature
2.    Apply the as-supplied, concentrated release agent as a first coat by     brushing on a new or a well cleaned pattern after preheating to service     temperature.
3.    Pattern should be cleaned periodically
4.    Avoid spraying excessively for better economy and run some trials to     find the optimum dilution that best suit any particular application.   

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