CMS Rezcoat

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1.    Bonds and hardens sand surfaces.
2.    Hardened sand surfaces minimise sand inclusions in finished castings.
3.    Creates a reducing mould atmosphere upon pouring.
4.    Improved casting finish reduces cleaning costs.


CMS REZCOAT is best applied by a low pressure or an airless spraying method.
CAUTION! Highly Flammable-Keep away from heat and any source of ignition.
Apply on GREEN SAND mould surfaces, down sprues and gate areas to bond and strengthen friable edges. Following application drying is effected by careful ignition or allow to air set to harden surfaces.

CMS REZCOAT  is also recommended for surface hardening of Ester catalysed and CO2 - Silicate sands allowing a reduction in silicate addition level which, in turn, improves post casting breakdown.


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