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  1. Technirez 2532 Laminating Paste

    Technirez 2532 Laminating Paste

    TECHNIREZ  R2532  is  a  solvent  free,  glass-fibre reinforced epoxy paste specifically designed for use with  H2406  and  H2421  hardeners  that  cures  at room temperature and is suitable for tooling, foundry and pattern making applications.

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  2. White Gel Coat - Technirez R2523

    White Gel Coat - Technirez R2523

    TECHNIREZ  R2523  is  a  solvent  free,  thixotropic epoxy resin specifically designed for use with H2401 hardener that will cure at ambient temperature to provide  a  white  surface  coating  for  tooling  and pattern making applications.

    The resin and hardener mixture forms a hard surface that is capable of being worked with cutting and polishing tools generally used for master models.

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  3. Synchro ERP

    Synchro ERP

    Synchro is completely dedicated to and specializes in the Cast Metal Industry. Synchro ERP a specific software ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed to meet the unique and exclusive requirements for each of the sub manufacturer’s within the sector:

    Iron Foundry ERP Software
    Steel Sand Foundry ERP Software
    Centrifugal Casters ERP Software
    Aluminum Sand Foundry (Aluminium) ERP Software
    Diecasting (Pressure Diecaster) ERP Software
    Gravity Diecasting (Permanent Molder) ERP Software
    Precision Moulder (Precision Molder) ERP Software
    Investment Casting ERP Software
    Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting ERP Software


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  4. Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters

    Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters

    To meet the demanding requirements of steel foundries, SELEE Corporation recommends the Zirconia (PRZ) filter.

    Our PRZ filters are formulated of a magnesia-stabilized zirconia, the perfect composition for filtering steel grades from carbon to stainless.
    There are many benefits to the steel foundry including fewer reoxidation and sub-surface defects and a higher casting yield. They are highly thermal-shock resistant, a must for the steel foundry.
    They are available in many standard and custom sizes, shapes, and pore sizes.

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  5. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters

    Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters

    The superior dimensional tolerances of SELEE® Silicon Carbide filters for iron filtration are recognizable at first glance. These filters are precision-cut after firing to the tightest dimensional tolerances in the world. All surfaces, including the cut sides, have the desirable open-pore structure of true ceramic foam. The high internal surface area of this structure makes for a deep-bed filtration effect throughout the thickness of the filter. Through deep-bed filtration, even highly fluid slag is retained in the foam network, significantly reducing scrap and machining. SELEE produces Silicon Carbide filters in a wide variety of sizes and in several thicknesses and pore sizes to meet the filtration requirements of grey and ductile iron foundries.

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  6. Blue Gel Coat - Technirez ADR2529

    Blue Gel Coat - Technirez ADR2529

    Technirez ADR2529 is a solvent free, thixotropic epoxy resin that will cure at room temperature for tooling and patternmaking applications.

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  7. Victawet 12

    Victawet 12

    Victawet 12 is a low-foaming nonionic phosphate wetting agent. It is used as an emulsifier, pigment dispersant, wetting agent, low foaming detergent, and as an anti-wear agent in aqueous fluid systems.

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