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  1. Trueline Dowels

    Trueline Dowels

    True-Line Steel Dowels are broached and flange-slotted which means that:
    * They can be inserted easily, accurately and quickly.
    * Because of the slotted flange, the Bushing and Pin can be removed with wrenches that are either flange-slotted or broached, even if the Pin is broken.
    * Tapered shaft design of Pin and square shoulders contribute to accurate alignment.

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  2. Ebalta OH11 Steel

    Ebalta OH11 Steel

    Ebalta OH 11 steel   is a two component polyurethane gel- coat.
    OH 11 steel consists of polyols and additives including fine steel  poweder,  which when cured  results  in  a  hard  tough surface that is wear and heat resistant.

    OH 11 steel is especially formulated for the facing of press tools backed with GM 921 and steel granules.

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  3. CMS Stop Coat

    CMS Stop Coat

    A light reddish-brown water based ceramic coating used for the prevention of carburisation or decarburisation of steel during the Heat Treatment process. It can be used with or without atmospheres, with pack hardening or carburising materials.

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  4. Carbon Control

    Carbon Control

     Based on the Thermal Analysis of a solidifying metal sample, Heraeus Electro-Nite's instant carbon control sensors are available as a crucible version or as an immersion sensor. During primary steel melting and steel foundry casting, an instant carbon measurement prior to tap can avoid time delays and off-specification chemistry, especially where medium carbon tap levels are common.

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  5. Oxygen Control

    Oxygen Control

    Monitoring oxygen activity throughout the steel making process is essential for production control and final as-cast quality. In less than 10 seconds, our expendable oxygen sensors measure the melt's oxygen activity a(O) over a wide concentration range in areas from hot metal desulphurization, furnace tapping, through ladle refining and continuous casting. Correlations to S and Si in Hot Metal, carbon and aluminium in primary and secondary steelmaking are implemented in the formulas of our instruments.

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  6. Samplers


    A wide range of application tailored samplers for various types of molten metals complete the Heraeus Electro-Nite scope of supply. Simple to apply, easy to strip and representative for the melt, these are the characteristics of a good sampler. For ultra-clean sampling from steel melts we offer a special pneumatic sampling system. This and combined to a design for rapid preparation and suited for automatic handling make our samplers preferred choice.

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  7. Furan


    SQG series No Bake Furan Resin is a kind of environmentally friendly foundry binder.

    Different types of resins can be used for steel casting, iron casting and non-ferrous casting. They appear pale yellow to red brown transparent liquid with the following characteristics:

    •    Low viscosity increases the speed of resin addition and the fluidity of moulding sand.

    •    Low free Formaldehyde content and less odour. This improves working condition and lightens environmental pollution.

    •    High strength reduces resin addition ratio, which means lower cost and higher quality of castings.

    •    Good collapsibility, high precision of casting with clear-cut and clean surface reduces the workload for cleaning and improves work efficiency.

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  8. Steel Bowl Ladles

    Steel Bowl Ladles

    Part No.

    Bowl Size (mm)


    kg Aluminium Approx


    60 x 35



    75 x 40



    95 x 45



    130 x 55



    150 x 75



    175 x 90



    200 x 100



    225 x 110



    225 x 160**



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  9. Calcium Silicon Manganese

    Calcium Silicon Manganese

    Used in the Steel Foundry Industry as a deoxidant in steel castings or in certain steels where a low residual aluminium is required.

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  10. CMS Zircoat W

    CMS Zircoat W

    A premium quality water based refractory coating for foundry cores and moulds.
    CMS ZIRCOAT W consists of highest quality Australian Zircon refractory powders  with well balanced suspension and binder systems to provide excellent coating properties.

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