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  1. Coil Grout

    Coil Grout

    A conventional, hydraulically bonded grouting castable of the high alumina class with good strength and dimensional stability.

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  2. Strontium Rod

    Strontium Rod

    Strontium modification is essential in the production of structurally sound and dimensionally accurate Al-Si castings and fabricated products. Strontium offers clear advantages over sodium-or antimony-based alloy additives, including safer addition, better recovery, reduced fade and a
    fume-free application.

    500mm rods, Sr 10%, Ti 1.0%, B 0.2%

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  3. CMS Cast 1750

    CMS Cast 1750

    A high alumina, conventionally bonded Castable with high strength, good dimensional stability and resistance to abrasion. It is used for service temperatures up to 1750 deg C.


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  4. Zircon Sand

    Zircon Sand

    Prime Grade Calcined Zircon Sand.

    Sand Moulds & Cores:


    •     Resists metal penetration and “burn in”
    •     Low thermal expansion aids dimensional accuracy
    •     Resists metal reaction with most alloys
    •     Reduced cleaning and machining
    •     Low binder requirement
    •     High thermal conductivity

    Investment Casting Appications:


    •     Excellent casting surface
    •     Low reactivity with alloys
    •     Dimensional accuracy
    •     Low thermal expansion

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  5. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters

    Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters

    The superior dimensional tolerances of SELEE® Silicon Carbide filters for iron filtration are recognizable at first glance. These filters are precision-cut after firing to the tightest dimensional tolerances in the world. All surfaces, including the cut sides, have the desirable open-pore structure of true ceramic foam. The high internal surface area of this structure makes for a deep-bed filtration effect throughout the thickness of the filter. Through deep-bed filtration, even highly fluid slag is retained in the foam network, significantly reducing scrap and machining. SELEE produces Silicon Carbide filters in a wide variety of sizes and in several thicknesses and pore sizes to meet the filtration requirements of grey and ductile iron foundries.

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