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  1. CMS Sodasil Premium

    CMS Sodasil Premium

    A semi-translucent, liquid Sodium Silicate binder for the production of foundry cores and moulds by Silicate/CO2 or Ester Catalysed Silicate processes. It has an organic additive incorporated to assist breakdown or shakeout after casting.


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  2. CMS Sodasil G

    CMS Sodasil G

    A colourless, semi-translucent liquid Sodium Silicate binder for the production of foundry cores and moulds by Silicate/CO2 process. 

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  3. Ludox


     Ludox colloidal silica binders have been used in the investment casting industry for many years.

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  4. Omega Foundry Machinery

    Omega Foundry Machinery

    Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd manufacturers a wide range of foundry machinery from continuous mixers to thermal reclamation systems.

    It was formed in 1984 from the result of a management buy out from parent company Baker Perkins. Since that time, the company has continued to specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the ‘chemically bonded’ or ‘no-bake’ process.

    The design department at Omega is equipped with the latest computer aided technology to ensure the company remains at the forefront of equipment development. Our trainedservice engineers are capable of overseeing large foundry installations either in the UK or overseas. We also have a global network of agents and distributors dedicated to providing the optimum level of customer support.

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  5. Prover Flux

    Prover Flux

    General purpose crystal flux for the removal of dross and oxides from molten Aluminium.

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  6. Victawet 12

    Victawet 12

    Victawet 12 is a low-foaming nonionic phosphate wetting agent. It is used as an emulsifier, pigment dispersant, wetting agent, low foaming detergent, and as an anti-wear agent in aqueous fluid systems.

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  7. Alphaset TPA120

    Alphaset TPA120

    The Alphaset System is a no bake foundry binder system utilising technology developed and patented by Borden.  This two-part water soluble resin system provides improvements to the foundry environment and allows the production of improved quality castings.

    A range of hardeners are available from 1 minute to 120 minutes.

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  8. Steel Bowl Ladles

    Steel Bowl Ladles

    Part No.

    Bowl Size (mm)


    kg Aluminium Approx


    60 x 35



    75 x 40



    95 x 45



    130 x 55



    150 x 75



    175 x 90



    200 x 100



    225 x 110



    225 x 160**



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  9. Digilance IV

    Digilance IV

    During process control of ferrous and non-ferrous  metal, accurate temperature measurement is of vital importance  in order to produce products of the desired  quality.

    Digilance IV is a portable  instrument – is particularly suited for use in small and medium sized melting pots.  Its use is particularly suited to those  foundries where it is necessary to measure bath temperature in several locations with one instrument.

    The ergonomically designed light aluminium casting  housing is easy to handle, yet is characterised by its rugged  construction  to meet the most demanding  conditions on the shop floor. Digilance IV comes  equipped with a firmly connected immersion lance.

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  10. Duracap


    CMS Duracap is a chemically bonded, high alumina induction furnace capping material. It is used as a capping for both basic and neutral induction furnace linings and can be easily applied to achieve on-going repairs. CMS Duracap is supplied in a ready-to-use form.

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