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  1. Mudding Compound

    Mudding Compound


    A grey-black water based refractory sealing compound designed for general repairs to foundry cores and moulds.

    CMS MUDDING COMPOUND contains high purity graphite. It is supplied in a ready-to-use paste form, with excellent filling and sleeking properties suitable for all organic and inorganic bonded sands.


    Colour                  : Grey-black
    Physical Form      : Thick paste
    Specific Gravity    : 1.50 - 1.70 Kg / Ltr

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  2. Plumbago



    A crystalline or flake form of naturally occurring Graphite, often called Plumbago.

    PLUMBAGO is a lustrous grey-black powder. It contains a high purity graphitic carbon which has a hexagonal crystallographic structure.


    Physical Form:      Flake or crystalline powder
    Colour :                   Grey-black
    Feel:                        Sleeky, greasy
    Specific Gravity:     2.3
    Carbon content:    85 - 90%
    Ash content:           <12%
    Moisture & Volatiles: <1.5%
    Sizing                : + 150 BSS = 1% Max
                                 + 200 BSS = 9% Max
                                  - 200 BSS = >90%

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  3. Soft Wax - Black

    Soft Wax - Black

    A flexible, non cracking wax with excellent coating properties.

    Test Description                      Typical          Range 
    Congealing Point (D-938)      58 C              57 C - 60 C 
    Needle Penetration (D-1321) 
    0.1mm @ 25 C                         46            37 - 55
    0.1mm @ 38 C                        174               92 - 256
    Odour (A.S.T.M.)                       1.0              1.0

    Packaging:    22.5kg boxes

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  4. Graphcoat S Spray

    Graphcoat S Spray

    A grey-black Solvent Based Graphitic coating for foundry cores and moulds.

    CMS GRAPHCOAT  S-Spray is formulated using a high purity crystalline graphite and supplied in a pre-diluted, ready-to-use form.


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