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  1. CMS Spuncoat GW

    CMS Spuncoat GW

    CMS SPUNCOAT GW is a water based graphitic coating. It is
    used as a die-release-agent in the centrifugal casting process for ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
    It is formulated using a high purity crystalline graphite and selected inert refractory powders suspended in water using efficient suspension agents and wetting agents.

    CMS SPUNCOAT GW is supplied in a ready-to-use form and can be diluted with water if required to suit application method employed.

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  2. Nozzles


    The CMS Nozzle is a high quality cast refractory nozzle used in bottom pouring applications for ferrous castings.

    CMS Nozzles are a reverse tapered design, manufactured in three profiles, series A, series B and series D. Bore sizes range from 25 mm to 100 mm.

    CMS Nozzles can be changed hot or cold from underneath the ladle, permitting the same ladle to be used a number of times throughout the day.

    The selection of nozzle refractory depends on the actual service conditions.

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  3. Soft Wax - Black

    Soft Wax - Black

    A flexible, non cracking wax with excellent coating properties.

    Test Description                      Typical          Range 
    Congealing Point (D-938)      58 C              57 C - 60 C 
    Needle Penetration (D-1321) 
    0.1mm @ 25 C                         46            37 - 55
    0.1mm @ 38 C                        174               92 - 256
    Odour (A.S.T.M.)                       1.0              1.0

    Packaging:    22.5kg boxes

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  4. Ferro Manganese - High & Low Carbon

    Ferro Manganese - High & Low Carbon

    In cast iron, manganese is used mainly to counteract the bad effects of sulfur.

    In steel, manganese acts as a deoxidizer and combines with sulfur, thereby improving the hot-working properties of the steel. Also improves the strength, toughness.

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  5. Fluorspar


    Flux for the steelmaking industry.

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  6. Brass Slotted Vents

    Brass Slotted Vents

    Brass self-cleaning taper-slot Vents. Slots diverge towards underface. Effectively prevents sand clogging. Concave underface provides maximum support to vent face.

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  7. Steel Bowl Ladles

    Steel Bowl Ladles

    Part No.

    Bowl Size (mm)


    kg Aluminium Approx


    60 x 35



    75 x 40



    95 x 45



    130 x 55



    150 x 75



    175 x 90



    200 x 100



    225 x 110



    225 x 160**



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  8. Zircoat Satin Y77

    Zircoat Satin Y77

    A premium quality solvent based zircon coating for foundry cores and moulds used in ferrous and non-ferrous casting.

    CMS ZIRCOAT SATIN Y 77 Baume is supplied in a convenient, ready-to-use form for application by brushing. It is formulated using premium grade Australian Zircon. Unlike conventional coatings, it is unique and versatile in that it offers ease of application, all-round efficiency and economic performance. It's unique suspension agents allow for a homogenous coating thickness without constant agitation.

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  9. S660


    S660 grade.

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  10. Aluminium Filled Epoxy Resin - Technirez ADR2501

    Aluminium Filled Epoxy Resin - Technirez ADR2501

    Technirez ADR2501 is a solvent free, aluminium filled epoxy resin specifically design for the production of tools required to operate at elevated temperatures.

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